Books by Bonnie Scott

Ice Pop Stars! Popsicle Recipes

Popsicles for Breakfast? Many of these fruit popsicle recipes are healthy enough that you can get away with a popsicle for breakfast! You don't have to feel bad about your kids eating popsicles when they are made with good-for-you ingredients.


Pumpkin Obsession: 100 Addictive Fall Pumpkin Recipes

Obsessed with pumpkin spice everything? You're not the only one in the pumpkin craze!Inside the pages of Pumpkin Obsession, you will discover a whole new range of pumpkin recipes that are amazingly delicious and will have your family wanting more.


The Healthy Cookbook: Simple Homestyle Recipes

Looking for healthy yet real homestyle recipes? Discover how easy it is to create healthy, homemade food in your own kitchen with simple, wholesome ingredients you will recognize. These 150 recipes are kid-friendly, easy to make, use healthy, fresh ingredients and you can create meals that look amazing in little time.


Cozy Fall Baking Recipes

Everyone loves a good homemade treat! With this fantastic collection of Cozy Fall Baking Recipes, you will find 100 addictive fall recipes to warm you inside and out.


Winning Chili Recipes

Do you love spicy chili? Looking for secrets to making the ultimate great chili? Inside the pages of Winning Chili Recipes, you will discover a whole new range of chili recipes that are amazingly delicious and will have your family wanting more.


The Best Pasta Cookbook: 100 Classic Pasta Recipes

Do you love the taste of pasta? Pasta has been a favorite of millions for generations. Inside The Best Pasta Cookbook: 100 Classic Pasta Recipes, you will discover a whole new range of amazing pasta dishes that are instantly appealing and simple to prepare.


Easy Desserts and Recipes in Jars - 3 Cookbook Set: Over 300 Easy Recipes to Make in Jars

This three cookbook set of Bonnie Scott's In Jars books includes the titles:
100 Easy Recipes in Jars
100 More Easy Recipes in Jars
Desserts in Jars: Easy Bake and No Bake Recipes


Camping Recipes – 2 Cookbook Set: Over 200 Easy Recipes to Take Camping

Nothing is better than preparing a meal over a campfire. Preparing quick meals on camping trips is easy if you have the right recipes and ingredients. This two cookbook set of Bonnie Scott's camping books includes the titles:
100 Easy Camping Recipes
Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking


A Taste of Italy - Authentic Italian Recipes

With A Taste of Italy: Authentic Italian Recipes, you'll never run short of inspiration for quick and delicious Italian dishes. Browse through this assortment of 120 delicious recipes any time your family has an Italian craving.


Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes

Warm from the oven and just waiting to accompany a glass of cold milk or a cup of steaming cocoa, nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked cookies.


100 Easy Recipes In Jars

The most innovative way to give gifts from your kitchen. 100 Easy Recipes In Jars is a collection of easy to make, delicious jar recipes that will make a big dent in your holiday gift giving list. 100 Easy Recipes In Jars includes recipes for cookies, beverages, bars and snacks. There is also a tasty assortment of muffins, breads and hearty soups that everyone will enjoy.


Chocolate Bliss

Who doesn't love chocolate? This universal ingredient is enjoyed in everything from chocolate cakes, cookies, bars and brownies to mousse, frosting, candy and puddings. Whether it's a dark, decadent, over-the-top main flavor or a subtle, secondary ingredient to accent other ingredients, you can't go wrong with chocolate.

Browse through this assortment of 150 delicious and decadent chocolate treats for inspiration any time your family has a chocolate craving. Whether it's an over-the-top dessert for guests or a quick and easy snack for movie night, you're sure to find the perfect recipe in Chocolate Bliss to satisfy your family's chocolate cravings!


Desserts in Jars

Desserts in Jars is the latest book in the collection of fun and easy, sure-to-please gift ideas from the kitchen. No matter what the occasion, a dessert is a welcome gift, and jars are the latest trend in home décor and food. Combine the two, and you've made a sure-fire dessert that will be a welcome addition to any gathering or event.


4 Ingredient Cookbook

Do you struggle to find time for cooking after a busy day?
Do you need more time to relax, but still want great tasting food?
In this demanding and hectic modern world, it is most often the food that we eat that suffers. Less time to cook can often mean we reach for a takeout menu, or something equally less than nutritious.


5 Ingredient Cookbook

With just five ingredients, you can have dinner, a snack or a meal on the table in no time flat. You don't need a huge pantry with shelves of ingredients to serve your family everything from super easy snacks and appetizers to scrumptious salads, suppers and delectable desserts.


Bacon Cookbook

This quick and easy collection of over 150 bacon recipes features bacon as either a main ingredient or as a flavor enhancer. Whether standard fare for breakfast, a decadent topping for a burger or a crunchy addition to a favorite salad, bacon is at home with any meal. With the latest surge in bacon-love, even desserts benefit from the rich, salty taste of bacon.


120 Hot Chocolate Recipes

Everyone loves a steaming mug of hot cocoa! With this fantastic collection of Hot Chocolate Recipes from home and around the globe, you're sure to find one to warm you inside and out. This isn't just your grandma's cocoa recipe. Everyone's favorite comfort beverage, cocoa, is as varied as the nations in which it's found. There are even some new twists to the traditional winter hot drink - you'll find frozen cocoa and alcohol-laced versions.


Camping Recipes - Foil Packet Cooking

With 100 foil packet recipes for campfires and grills, you'll be able to serve everything from breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even desserts with no fuss and no messy cleanup.


100 Easy Camping Recipes

Preparing quick meals on camping trips is easy if you have the right recipes and ingredients. Just wait until you get any of the 100 recipes in this cookbook cooking over an open flame. Camp cooking has never been easier or tastier.

Hot dogs and canned foods are by no means the extent of foods you can prepare easily while camping. If you can cook it at home, you can cook it over a campfire if you bring the needed ingredients and cooking equipment.

From chicken, beef, pork, fish and turkey to side dishes and ending up with desserts, this collection of camping recipes features a wide variety of meals so you can cook out any time of the year.


100 More Easy Recipes In Jars

100 More Easy Recipes in Jars is the latest collection of gifts from your kitchen, blending this popular trend with a delicious homemade gift that's sure to please everyone. Included are recipes for seasoning and dip mixes, breads, bars, cookies and candy, oatmeal, bread dipping mixes, jams and sauces, soups, rice and stuffing, drinks and nuts and snacks.

As a free bonus, readers have access to over 2000 online labels and recipe cards to decorate and personalize their handcrafted gift. These professionally designed templates can be used to add a personal touch and create a one of a kind gift that will be the highlight of any occasion. In addition, the labels are completely customizable so you can add your own creative touch to create a fun and tasty gift.


150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes

Packed with tasty recipes, 150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes offers specialty dishes in 9 sections from Skillet and Spanish-Style Chicken to Boneless Oven-Cooked Chicken. You will find a new twist on old favorite recipes plus many new recipes....all easy to make.

Browse through the pages of 150 Easy Classic Chicken Recipes to find just the right recipe. With favorites like Chicken-Chili Casserole or Greek Cinnamon Chicken to Spinach Chicken Enchiladas, there is sure to be a recipe that will please even the most picky eater in your family.


Fish & Game Cookbook

Do you love the taste of fish and game?
Excited by unusual or uncommon sources of food, like squirrel or venison?
If you are, and there are growing numbers who love something different, then the next step is how to make your fish or game into a meal that is deserving of all the hard work you put in to getting it in the first place.

There are over 150 recipes for everything from fish and venison to duck and quail. Included are many fish dishes, marinades, sauces and sides to accompany your meat, so you will never tire of eating the same thing.
Easy to prepare and with ingredients that you will likely have on hand, the Fish and Game Cookbook will provide you and your family with exciting and memorable means every day of the week.


Grill It - 125 Easy Recipes

Whether you cook with a simple charcoal grill on your apartment balcony or have the luxury of a complete outdoor patio kitchen, this collection of grilling recipes is sure to spark your imagination. Make outdoor cooking a regular activity with this tasty collection of grilling favorites.

With Grill It! you'll find recipes for every type of meat, vegetable and loads of great ideas to make your grilling fun, fast and enjoyable. There's no need for fancy tools, an expensive grill or a long preparation time. These recipes are created so everyone can enjoy the flavor and ease of grilling without a lot of fuss or mess. Now, even the cook can take it easy and enjoy an afternoon or evening relaxing and being part of the fun. So, sit back, browse the recipes and start planning what to cook next.


Holiday Recipes: 150 Easy Recipes and Gifts From Your Kitchen

This 150 holiday recipe collection includes strategies to make your preparations easier, as well as tips to make your finished products tastier and more attractive. Also included are loads of unique ideas to package your creations for gifts that are memorable and maybe even photo worthy.

Holiday Recipes not only has 150 recipes for your holiday table, but has all kinds of ideas for gifts from your kitchen, including an internet address for free printables – Christmas cookie pouches, bag toppers and hang tags for your baked goods. Give your homemade gifts in style this year.


Pies and Mini Pies

You'll soon be baking pies with confidence with over 100 great pie and mini pie recipes. From homey fruit pies, custard and cream pies to pies with unusual ingredients, there are pies for every occasion. You will also find great hints and tips for preparing a perfect pie that even your grandmother would be proud to serve.

Join the mini pie explosion! Bite size mini pies are all the rage. The teeny tiny pies are so easy to eat and portion control is built in. These little baked goods are cute displayed in cupcake racks and make perfect party hors-d'oeuvres since they are finger food. They are fun to make and can be made in advance of your get-together.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginning baker, you'll find recipes your family will be asking for again and again. Mini pies are a great way to serve a crowd and are perfect gifts for the holidays.


Slow Cooker Comfort Foods

Do you have a busy, hectic lifestyle?
Are you always looking for ways to provide healthy and tasty meals for your family, in less time?
If you own a slow cooker and have never really used it to its full potential, then you are missing out. Ideal for busy people, a slow cooker does all the work in one pot, while you do something more interesting than cooking. In the book Slow Cooker Comfort Foods, you will discover 150 of the best recipes that take just a few minutes to prepare. Get a copy of the book now and take the hard work out of creating amazing food!


Soups, Sandwiches & Wraps

When you're armed with these easy-to-make soup recipes, sandwich and wrap recipes, you'll never be at a loss for a quick solution for a tasty meal. The great thing about soups and sandwiches is that they can be used for almost any occasion. Whether it's a quick lunch on the go, a buffet for casual entertaining or a relaxing meal at the end of a busy day, put a soothing soup and tasty wrap on the menu, sit back, and enjoy the compliments.

Spicy soup, potato soup, chowder, chicken soup, cheesy soup, vegetable soup, tomato soup are just a few of the soup categories in this book. Sandwiches and wraps include tuna, ham, cheese, chicken, turkey, veggie and even dessert wraps.


Simply Fleece

Over 30 quick fleece projects and crafts to make in an hour or an evening. With both no sewing and sewing fleece patterns, you'll find apparel and accessory ideas for everyone in the family. From outerwear for all ages, clothing and home fashions to comfortable accessories for your pets and gifts for all occasions, this book of easy patterns is perfect for everyone from novice sewer to professional seamstress.